Thursday, May 19, 2011

Meeting My Sister

Here's me and my little brother, Jeremy, when we were little. I adored him and took care of him (well, I suppose my mom helped too) and gave him whatever he wanted. I had asked for a little brother so I felt he was mine.

Now he lives far away in Austin. He's been doing the single thing for years while I've been married and having babies. Our worlds were far away.

Then came the mention of a girl he was seeing. He didn't say a lot and I didn't pry. And then came the questions - How do you know you've found the right person. How can you be so sure?

I'm so glad he realized what a treasure he had found. He made it official at Navy Pier in Chicago last Thursday night and over the weekend we got to meet Cali Mari.

She's going to be my sister.

And my babies call her Aunt Cali already. I know my brother is in love and all, but it's important to note that my kids are in love with her too.

I'm wondering if maybe, as the years go by, I might be able to recapture some of what I lost with my sister, Julie.

There's also the fun of cousins looming in the future.
(Do you know which one is me?)

It makes my heart so full to know that my baby brother is happy. And to know that this aunt/sister/daughter that's being added to our family is perfectly wonderful is no small thing either.

I love that the distance between our worlds is shrinking.

Come September, there's going to be some mighty happy feet! ;)


  1. sweet!! We are going to the Navy Pier this summer on our way back to the east coast!!! We've never been to Chicago, so we're excited!

  2. Kid pic: are you the second one? She looks like your kids whoever she is.

  3. I think on the kid pick you are the fourth from the left. So happy for your brother and for you. Weddings are very happy indeed.