Friday, May 20, 2011

This Morning's Finds

I'm so happy garage sale season is here again. I LOVE to shop, more specifically bargain shop. It is very difficult for me to drive by garage sale signs if I don't get to stop. Today I hit up 4 sales all before the two youngest woke up.

I found this little frame for a quarter. Can you tell it has a green undertone?

These books were all $.50 each. I don't like to buy books just for the sake of having them. These are books that I will use and read - some I have been wanting anyway.

The Little Mermaid II video was $1. We have a vcr in the van and in the girls' room so I like to pick up inexpensive videos at garages sales and Goodwill.

My favorite find is this pair of black Sketchers shoes. I've been wanting these! They are my size and just like new and priced at $5. Hello!

See? The bottoms are barely marked! Score!

I'm now pondering the thought of going out in the morning with the three younger ones. John and John David will be gone on a Royal Ranger camp out (that's a post in the making I'm sure) so I can't go out alone. I'll probably hold out until next weekend.

What are some great deals you've found lately???


  1. I've itching to go. I've been wanting to read the love language book, too. Great finds!

  2. I have been wanting to go too, it's difficult on Saturday morning with my two in sports. Most games are early. We bought a used round oak table and chairs for $180. It is perfect for our homeschool room. Also a large hutch for storing all of our materials for $90. I plan on painting it eventually and adding some knobs I already own.

  3. I love bargain shopping too! I LOVE that frame!