Wednesday, June 04, 2014

In Our Car

 In case you've never gone on a ride with us...
 now you can feel like you have.
 Sometimes it gets a little loud.
 Sometimes there is dancing.
 And making fun of Mom kind of dancing.
And sometimes I put on a movie for them, and stick my earbuds in for me.
(Mostly we just listen to our timeline song and our Story of the World CD's though. 
We are super exciting people and that's how we roll.) 


  1. Have you taught them Chinese fire drill?

  2. Love to the see the posts and your kids are gorgeous as ever. But what is timeline and story of the world ?

  3. Stacia, timeline song is the history timeline the kids memorize (it covers creation to current time) set to music. Fun! Story of the World is just the audio version of the history books we use. All four kids listen quietly when these come on. It's great!

  4. Shannon, they absolutely know Chinese fire drills! :) hahaha