Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Random Joshua Pictures

 If you've read my blog since way back, you know my posts used to be WAY more frequent and entertaining. Then life happened - mainly homeschool life! So all those entertaining things are still going on around here, but I'm finding it much more difficult to make time to write about it. 
 I realized the other day that I have gone almost a year without sorting and organizing my digital photos! Gasp! So I'm making a great effort to get back on the posting best I can. This post is a sort of catch up post for Joshua.
 My little buddy is 6 1/2 and just finished kindergarten. 
He makes us laugh all day long with the quick witted things he says. 
 This picture was from splash night at church last summer. 
He had fun shooting all his friends with his water gun. 
 He loves to hang out with all his grandparents! This is at Shrimpy's (an awesome little hole in the wall place right by Buc-ee's in Madisonville - try their bread pudding!!!) with Grandmamma and Dodie. 
 Playing the ipad in a box? Why not? 
 He LOVES to build with Legos. His personality is very different from John David's though. John David was always very, very particular about his sets and built them completely on his own from the time he was 4. Joshua isn't at all organized and once a set is built (with help from whomever might be passing by) it will probably never be all together again. 
 This was early in the school year. He was practicing skip counting 2's. 
 He definitely still loves Mommy a lot, but he's Daddy's buddy too! He adores Daddy! 
 Joshua and D were working on a Lego set together. 
(Notice the turtle stuffed animal on the table. The kids loves his turtles!)
 Joshua's buddy Jackson in Houston. 
If only they could be next door neighbors!
 It's a selfie!
He practiced "blob mapping" a lot this year with all the continents and oceans. And of course he did it with a green marker - green continues to be his most favorite!

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