Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Stolen Moment for a Stolen Signal

We've yet to get our internet connected, but John found that there are certain spots where we can pick up one of our neighbor's signals plus all the kids are entertained for the moment so I'm checking in! 

We're no longer swimming in boxes and although not decorated and totally organized, the house is mostly set up. Things will get much better when the basement is completed in a week or two. SO excited about that! If for nothing else, then to have some carpet to walk on - hardwood floors everywhere is a big adjustment. They sure are pretty though. 

We've met a few of our neighbors here and they are all so nice - lots of families with kids our age. Two families even brought us homemade goodies to welcome us! I've always wanted neighbors like that! 

On Friday we're going over to Chicago to hang out for a few days with my parents. So much fun to be had in that great city!

My moment is over.....hopefully we'll have our own internet soon.....

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