Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tips from up North

Here's my first post from up North - kind of weird! So far, it's wonderful. The weather reminds me of being in Hawaii - don't hate me all of you who are reading this in 110 degree weather. I'm pretty sure it will all even out once winter sets in. Texans will be enjoying beautiful 60 and 70 degree days while we're too frozen to open the door and get the mail! In fact, if my posting stops in a few months, some of you should come up with some ice picks and snow shovels and help a girl out! =)

I drove up with the girls on Saturday and Sunday and the trip went great. My best tip for traveling a really long distance with little kids? (Other than movies - that just goes without saying!) Buy a giant lollipop and let them lick away to their little hearts' content. Obviously, if your kid eats these all the time it's not a big deal, but if it's a rarity then it works like a charm. Aulora even fell asleep in the middle of licking hers. It was stuck on her forehead and every time I tried to pry it out of her hands she would wake up and grab it back. It was too funny!

We closed on our house yesterday (!!!) and here's a tip for when you go to your own closing: make sure you have a valid driver's license. It was near disaster as they realized that mine had expired on my birthday. I had just been waiting to renew until we moved and never thought about needing a valid one! Turns out the exact wording on their form didn't say the word "valid" so it was okay. Everyone in the room breathed a sigh of relief. Only me, right?

I still love our new house, but now that the other people have moved out and all their stuff is gone, I'm noticing lots of things I didn't before. Plus, it's pretty clear that this house hasn't had a good top to bottom cleaning in a long time - things like baseboards and shelves are covered in dust, dirt, and cobwebs. So, since I seem to be full of tips today, here's a tip for selling a house: put it on the market while your things are still there - it keeps people from seeing flaws. Realtors tell you that people want to see the house empty, a "clean slate" they say, but they need to see it staged with furniture in it. It makes a big difference!

Well, I suppose I'll conclude this post since I'm now out of tips. ;) 

Oh wait, here's one more tip: Do not ever stay at Super 8 hotel in Cuba, Missouri. Just take my word for it........

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  1. I always adored summer in Ohio. It is the best time of year. Fall was alright, but winter and spring was pretty rough. Of course I had to go to work every day, it might be different as a stay-at-home mom...playing outside with the kids in the snow, might be nice.