Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Man Surprised Me!!!

Next Thursday is our 10 anniversary and John surprised me with a trip to Las Vegas! We went early since he will be working this week. He didn't tell me we were going until a few hours before we had to go to the airport (which is probably good since I would have spent a lot of money shopping for new clothes if I had known!). He did take me the night before to buy a new dress for somewhere special we were going to go, but that was all he told me at the time.

We flew first class and then got to choose which car we wanted when we got there. We decided on an orangy red convertable - which is NOT close to Longhorn orange at all, John would want me to add! It was so much fun just to drive around with the top down and the sun shining down on us. And then going down the strip at night was great! We got to see three shows while we were there - two Cirque De Soile shows and The Blue Man Group. First night was "Ka". Our seats weren't the best and I was super tired so this wasn't my favorite, but it was still amazing. The next night was "O". All I can say about this one is WOW!!! It was the most amazing thing I've ever seen and words cannot describe it! I don't have any pictures since we weren't allowed to take any. =(
We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel, hence the sign in the background.....

Look who we ran into while we were there!

And then there was good ol' George W.

I had such a nice visit with him. I think he really appreciated all of my brilliant political insight.

Not to be outdone, John had a little sit down with Abe.

Can you feel the love tonight???

Can you believe how lucky we were to meet all of these people?

Tiger thought John really has potential.

This picture showcases my husband's amazing photography skills.

Here's another examply of his skill. According to him, when the flash is too bright you just reach up and cover it up with your hands. Impressive, huh?

He better be glad he took one more shot of this one! This really is one of the guys from the Blue Man Group! We loved their show - if you ever get a chance to go, GO! It's so unique and entertaining and funny. It was worth staying up late for.

This is John purchasing the Blue Man tickets. I was standing off to the side hyperventilating.

See, I told you - they're exciting!

Those eyes are a little disturbing at first.

John David was impressed with this next one.
I refused to do this picture, so John jumped right in. Funny man.

They could pass for twins, don't you think?!? =)

Thanks, Baby, for such a fun trip! I'll always remember all the fun and, more importantly, all the years of togetherness this trip was in honor of. I love you! I love being with you when we're all together, but I especially adore spending time with just you. You will always be my bestest and favoritist friend! Love from your La.......


  1. happy anniversary! you look absolutely beautiful in all these pictures. prettier, in fact, than the last time i saw you, and back then, laura and i agreed you were the most beautiful woman we'd ever met. hooray for getting prettier with time!

  2. Oh wow!! That seemed like a fun trip! May I mention what an AWESOME car yall got to drive! I may be getting a silver Eclipse in a couple of months, one just like the one you drove. I hope yall have a very happy anniversary!!

  3. Happy anniversary! Of course if you subtract all the anniversaries you spent at or apart due to youth camp, it makes you seem more like newlyweds. It would be more like your 2nd or 3rd (?) Then you would seem younger. LOL!

  4. Simply wonderful! Congratulations for 10 years of wedded bliss!

  5. FUN FUN FUN!!! SO happy for you guys! What a wonderful surprise, sounds like it was the perfect was to celebrate! Happy 10 years sweetie!

    Thanks for sharing! Love ya!