Sunday, July 12, 2009

Catch Up With Pictures

I don't want to get too behind on picture posting, so here is a very random assortment of pictures from the last couple of months.....
Did everyone go to Chickfila on Friday night dressed as a cow to get some free chicken? We sure did! Our cow get-ups may have been ghetto (uh, we used duck tape), but we had fun and got free food. Works for me!

These were some friends we went with. Sorry, but these cows wish to remain anonymous. =)

Here's Daddy Cow along with two Kid Cows.

Aulora was not a very happy cow when this picture was taken. Can't remember why. I'm sure we were mistreating her in some way or another.

Julia was especially proud of her rainbow cow.

And then there was our Fourth of July celebration. The day started out very rainy and I thought my plans were ruined. The kids thought it was great fun, however, to play in the mud and the puddles out back (I've got funny pictures for that but they're on my other camera.) and then later on Daddy put out the new slip'n'slide. They all had SO much fun, but it did mean that we got cleaned up just in time for fireworks. All that to say, please excuse the messy hair. The kids were fresh out of the tub!

I was showing Aulora how to do a Sparkler. It was dropping hot ashes on me though - ouch!

Here's the drama queen in one of her favorite poses. (crud - I chose the thumbnail with her eyes closed. arghhhh.)

Those two monkeys raced over and over again.

Ummmm, hello? Can anyone look at the camera???

I just think this picture is hilarious. Sorry.

Joshua was the judge - check out that big diaper! Pretty soon after this picture was taken, we just took it off. Much cuter that way.

This is the back of the valentine's mailbox John David made.

And here's the front of his robot box. I loved it and thought he was so creative! Hopefully, his romantic side will kick in better one day. =)

This is one of the last breakfasts I made at our house in WF. It was good! I actually brought this to John in bed. He told me I should take a picture. You don't have to tell me twice!

I know I posted video of Joshua's first haircut, but I never put any of the pictures up.

It was apparently a horrendous thing to endure.

This is our family (minus Joshua who was with a sitter) when we went to see The Lion King in Oklahoma City. We had seen it before when John David was almost 2 and we wanted the other kids to see it! We went with Clay, Sandy, and Mimi.

This picture should be framed to go over the new mantel. For sure.

This is the best picture I have to show Julia's missing two bottom teeth. Her big teeth have already come in a lot now so it's hardly even noticeable. I'm glad I got this shot when I did.

Julia and Gran at dinner before the show.

Julia's preschool class hosted a special Mother's Day breakfast for the moms. It was really sweet!
Later tonight I'll be posting about the surprise I got for our 10th anniversary! =)

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  1. Thanks for the catch up. I love the cow get up. Happy 10 year.