Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Price of Sleeping In

Joshua has a cold and John has had a tremendous headache he can't get rid of for going on two days now, so we played hooky from church today. The girls woke up early anyway and I could hear them happily playing as I stayed warm and snuggly in bed. I could tell they were playing with toys and they were even playing with Joshua, giving him toys in his bed and keeping him happy.

Life was good. The bed was great. I was happy.

Then Joshua started to cry and I knew sleeping time was officially over. I went in to get him and this is what I found:

I'm not sure if you can fully appreciate the depth of the toys in the bed,
but trust me, it's a lot of toys!

Not to mention the fact that there are also two little girls in there too.
(See the big gouges on the front bed rail? That's from John David's belt buckle as he leaned over the bed to play with Joshua one morning before school. Nice, huh?)

Joshua discovers one of the two now empty toy boxes.

And here they are pretending to be asleep so they wouldn't
have to clean it all up. Nice try, girls.....


  1. i'm so glad you're blogging again :) did you guys ever find out about the tiny furniture?

  2. No, we never received a response to our inquiry. Could it be that the furniture really did belong to little people??? Did I offend someone? I hope not. =( I just can't imagine posting something "little" and not mentioning it in the ad. Very strange.....

    I'm glad to be back blogging again too!

  3. That boy has a really red head of hair, or is it the lighting of the pictures?