Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Something Hairy Can Be Scary!

If you were sitting in your living room, in a house you just moved to, where you daily see either "varmits" outside or at least the evidence of them, and you looked over and saw this:

Wouldn't you be a little concerned???

After slowly inching forward to see what it could be and then poking it with a long toy, I discovered it was just this:

What is it?

Just the hair that fell off of this poor little Amish doll.

There. All better.
Except that everywhere I go in the house, this hairless doll shows up on the floor - her hair always sadly nearby. Kind of creepy.

Julia said she has boy hair and that's why she needs her Amish "cap".


  1. That is hilarious!
    Yes, I would be concerned, too, if I saw that!

  2. I almost got scared just anticipating what you were actually going to show! Too funny.

  3. I might be concerned, also! HA! I love this!