Friday, August 14, 2009


  • Internet is scheduled for installation next Wednesday. Excitement is a small word here. 
  • Our first school choice for the kids fell through, and now we are quickly trying to form plan B. Uh, school starts next week, by the way!
  • Julia got her hair cut in anticipation of school starting. It's still long, but much shorter. She's suddenly so much more grown up and her hair is just beautiful.
  • Joshua has learned how to go up and down the stairs so my stress level has decreased significantly. 
  • Aulora has also learned how to use the "big" potty without my assistance so my running up and down the stairs has also decreased significantly. (Our downstairs bathroom is under construction.)
  • The basement carpet will be installed next week so maybe construction nastiness will finally not be constantly tracked all over the hardwood floors. 
  • Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches are yummy.
  • Our dish network isn't totally up and running yet so there's been no tv around here. I watched Old Yeller last night. (Shhh, I cried.)
  • I promise my blogging will pick up again soon. 
  • I completed a makeover on an old desk and it now hold my computer in our formal living room. I wuv it! I'm on the lookout for an old chair to go with it. 
  • Purchased an old desk for John David today at Salvation Army. It will also be receiving some TLC from La. $12 isn't too bad though. 
  • The computer is about to die.....
  • I miss all of you, my SA friends. I've been keeping up with your blogs on my phones. I hope to make some friends as good as you all were. =)
  • Mimi, I've lost weight since not living by you. I miss you, but I do not miss my extra love handles. You were fattening me up! It was good though! Love you......


  1. Good to hear whats going on with you. We might change our plans for Faith's school as well. She isn't scheduled to start until Sept 8th. I am considering home schooling for this year. Of course she is only in 4 year old preschool so I think I can swing it. Hope you are able to figure something great out.

  2. Well, it's good to see that you are still kicking! I check blogs almost daily, but no one blogs much, including me.

  3. I just went to the salvation army, too!! Got a play kitchen. I'm sure you'll make friends with ease. We've never even hung out but I love reading your blogs & I just know if you lived here, you'd be one of my favorite friends.