Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Star Wars at Chickfila!

When the owner at our local Chickfila told us months ago that there would be a Star Wars night on May 4th, we knew we would go. We go most Tuesdays anyway, but we were sure to mark this night on the calendar. ("May the fourth be with you" they told us to help us remember!)

We were not disappointed. John David was bummed at first because nothing seemed to be happening other than some Star Wars decorations. And then, as we were eating, out came the characters! It was so awesome!

Here's the boy with the loves of his life. Don't let his face fool you - he was very excited.
(Can you see Chewbacca in the back? He kind of blends in. And look at Princess Leia's hair! So cute!)

John David posed with Darth Vader.

Aulora jumped in this picture.

We LOVE Chickfila!

(Thank you to Amy who let us borrow her iPhone for pictures. How could I NOT have taken my Nikon??? At least I have these!)

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