Saturday, May 01, 2010

Update on the Tadpoles

This video was taken when we first got the tadpoles. Below is a picture of them in the ladle when their water was being changed out.

Sadly, when the tadpoles were put back in their tank one of them just floated. We aren't sure why exactly he died, but it was fast.

John David was heart broken. He's crying in this picture and saying over and over, "No! No! Please don't be dead!" When we took the tadpole out John David wanted to look but then turned his head and moaned, "I can't bear to look!" It was funny in a very sad little way.

Poor guy. It's his first pet to lose. Currently the deceased is in a ziplock baggie in the refrigerator awaiting his funeral service.....


  1. He reminds me SO much of my oldest, Ethan. He was collecting lady bugs and had made them a little home...he had about 20, when he came home from school and noticed 2 of them had died. He was SO broken hearted....he cried in that same funny sad way. He said "I'm never going to have anymore pets again! I just can't take them he released all of the other little bugs and buried the two dead ones...prayed over them and sad :(

  2. Was it drifty or swimmer?
    Bless his little heart......