Friday, November 12, 2010

John David's 10th Birthday Videos

Video of singing Happy Birthday and then getting birthday spankings:
(Please excuse my horrendous accent that has apparently only grown since moving out of Texas.)

Video of the treasure hunt part 1:
(If you have motion sickness go pop some Dramamine before watching.)

Video of the treasure hunt part 2:
(this is the last clue leading up to going out to the garage to find his "loot")

Video of the end of the treasure hunt and John David dueling against Darth Daddy:
(It was dark outside, but you can still see good enough. You should know that John's knee has been injured - he'll have surgery next month - so this was quite a sacrifice on his part to be Darth. I had decided we just wouldn't be able to do it and he said at the last minute that he could pull it off. Towards the beginning of the video one of the little boys was going to town kicking John's leg. Kinda funny, but Darth had to whack him on the head with his light saber to make him stop! Ha!)

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