Friday, November 12, 2010

John David's 10th Birthday

My boy turned 10.
The same boy we've affectionately called "Little" for years.
Except he's not so much anymore.
Yes, that one.
Count the candles if you want.

We celebrated with a Star Wars party at home.

And a surprise visit from "Nate the Great" who was a little 8th grader in our youth group back when John David was born.

There were plenty of friends. And plenty of laughs.

And for some reason, John David is now "allergic" to the color orange and he passes out immediately if he sees it. His friends all think it's hysterical.

Of course there were birthday spankings too.

And birthday wishes made.

Games played.
(Those are limes with Yoda faces if you were wondering.)

Lots of presents and a treasure hunt too!

The treasure hunt was very fast paced and dark at times so it didn't allow for many pictures. I did manage to get this quick shot of Darth Vader on crutches. When the garage door opened for John David to find his present - an electric scooter - Darth Vader (with a mask of course) stepped out from the shadows and fought John David. It was great!

Here he is a week later outside on his scooter.

And there's Darth Daddy taking a ride too!

It was a fun night!
(for future reference: Elizabeth, Kyler, JD, Josh, Ava, Jalen, Brianna, Cole, Sydney, Mimi, Kendall)

Happy Birthday, John David!

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