Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Little Red Wonder

Joshua, AKA "Little Red Wonder", makes me laugh so much these days. He's always had a cute personality, but now he can talk really well too and, well, he's smart.

A couple of days ago in Kroger he was sitting in the basket as a lady was walking our way. He shot his eyes over towards her, pointed his finger at her and hollered, "Hey you lady! Hold it right there!" I think he meant it too.

Tonight at Chickfila - I took the kids there for dinner because there was NO way I was cooking dinner after doing Thanksgiving cooking all day long - I put him up on the changing table to take care of his diaper. (Yes, he's smart, but not smart enough to have the potty thing down yet. He prefers to spend his time doing other things that don't include bathroom business.) As soon as I laid him down he covered his eyes and said, "Keep me safe, God! Keep me safe, God!" over and over again.

In the picture above, you can see him holding the kitchen sink sprayer. There's a chair on the other side of that pass-through and he likes to get on it and turn on the sink. He'll do it again and again, laughing the whole time. At least he can entertain himself, right?

At night he stalls bedtime by asking to scratch my back. How can I say no to that? I love having my back scratched and he's really quite good at it. He's found my weakness and he's only two.

Speaking of "two", we only have a couple more months left before "three", but I don't think this little monkey is quitting the monkey business anytime soon.

And I love it.

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