Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dusty Brown is the Color Now

Here's the progress from the first day. The pink tile turned out to be very stubborn. Whoever picked it out so many years ago must have wanted it to stay forever because they put it down with a couple inches of cement. Everything thing hanging on just about every wall in the house either fell off or was crooked because of all the banging and pounding. Wow.

Interesting to see what's behind the walls. I was hoping to find something cool so we could be on that show called "If Walls Could Talk" on HGTV. Maybe next time.

The tub refinishing man just came a little bit ago to start the tub.

But then he left because our contractor told me wrong. Apparently, you should do everything else in the bathroom first and then have the tub refinished.

Major bummer since now the tub people are a couple weeks out in their scheduling. Hopefully someone will cancel or another company can come sooner. This tub is the only one in the house. We have the (smallest ever) shower in the yellow bathroom but the three younger ones can't use it. At least it's not summertime so they won't be sweaty and gross. Lots of sponge baths may be in their future.

These things are never easy, are they?

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  1. Hi. We bought the handheld unit to put with the splits it and lets the show come down the little-est ones without scaring them. Just an idea that is not hard to do... Hope it helps. M