Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pinewood Derby

Two weeks ago we had the pinewood derby race at church. John David's car is the one in the middle. He made it himself and the Wednesday before the race they got to test their cars at Royal Rangers.

I asked him how he did and he said "I got fourth place." I thought that sounded pretty good so I was trying to encourage him, but then he told me that it was fourth place out of four. Then he told me that one of his friends bet him that he could beat his car with just a block of wood. Sadly, his friend won that bet!

Before the official race started, Daddy helped rearrange the weights on the car. It made all the difference in the world because John David was getting first and second in most of the races. He was so excited!

He won second place and his buddy won first.

Julia was very proud of her brother and his trophy.

Aulora and Joshua had fun with balloons, flags, and some little kid games that were set up.

Joshua and John David watch the races.

Paper airplanes were another good form of entertainment that day.

I think next year the girls and I should enter a car like this one!

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