Monday, April 02, 2007

Strange Facts

When I was in jr. high or maybe high school (I can't remember exactly when) I was obsessed with strange facts for a time. I had a notebook that I used to record them in any time I came across one. Of course the internet was already around, but it wasn't something I used at all. If it had been, I would have loved this site:

I came across this site earlier today and I still haven't had time to read all the random things, but they sure are interesting. This is the pointless kind of trivia that could win you big money on a game show. =)

On a different note, today was a very pleasant day. I went grocery shopping this morning (hadn't really gone in awhile so it was quite an undertaking!), did some housework, taught piano, cooked dinner for the kids, went on a walk, and played balls in the front yard. We finished up the night with a couple of bedtime stories. Now all the babies are in bed and I'm about to go take a shower to wash off the smelly "outdoor" smell. I love springtime!!!

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