Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Going Well.....I Think

The house is still standing and the smoke alarm hasn't gone off yet. I'm impressed. (Especially since we started our first fire here and there was quite a bit of smoke. These Southerners are only familiar with Duraflame logs and we're now using wood from the rank we had delivered.)

I've made the pies and the homemade cranberry sauce. The sweet potatoes are baked and ready to be glorified tomorrow and the gigantic pan of cornbread is in the oven for the dressing. I even made some fudge! Sadly, it's on the gooey side so I won't have pretty little fudge squares.

At this point, I mostly worried about cooking the turkey, and also trying to have everything hot and ready at the same time. I should probably do a little cleaning at some point too. Children have been having their way with my house as I've been in the kitchen. I'm kind of scared to go down to the basement.......

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