Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Joshua Melts Me

As a mother there are certain moments that give you some great highs.

The first time they hold your finger.
The first smile (even though everyone says it's probably gas!).
First steps.
First time to use the potty.
First time they read.
First crush.

The list goes on and on.

You know what my favorite is?

When they learn to say I love you!

Joshua said it for the first time last week. "Love you, Mommy!" And then a sweet little slobbery kiss.

Sigh. Can I freeze time please?

In an effort to come back to reality from my super "Love you, Mommy" induced high, here are some other Joshua moments.

The child adores rolling around and digging in the cleared out vegetable garden.

I guess the soil is good too since he keeps trying to eat it.

And then there are markers. Oh the markers. Where do they come from??? Where does he get them??? Why does he lick them???

More importantly, why does he write on our floor with them???

(This would be just one of the many areas he "made his mark"......)

1 comment:

  1. Precious...

    When you were talking about the special moments, it brought a tear to my eye. I cannot wait to share in those moments. Truly priceless!

    PS...love the art work on the floor! Very modern and abstract!