Monday, November 16, 2009

Sweet Julia

My precious six year old offered to carry the very full and heavy laundry basket from the basement up two floors to the bedroom for me.

I thought that was all she did (which would have been just wonderful as my legs don't always appreciate the stairs!), but later when I went in my room I found this:

She had done her best to fold two of the towels from the basket and then left a card for me on the pillow.

On the inside she had drawn a "sculpture" she said.

Each day she becomes more and more helpful. She delights in doing things for me and being a little mommy. I love having her help me with dinner and it brings to mind memories of helping in my own mom's kitchen. I can hardly wait for the day when cooking dinner means spending time with both of my girls - talking, laughing, sharing our lives.

For now I'll enjoy showing her how to do simple things like set the table and make the bread. These are the things that make my life sweet.......

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