Thursday, February 25, 2010

Being Three

It must be hard - being three that is. And here I've been thinking it was a breeze.

Daddy asked Aulora on Tuesday what she did that day. She answered, without pause, "Got punished."

He asked her again yesterday how she spent her day and she responded, "Got in trouble."

Poor little three year old....

The princess in her time out chair


  1. hmmm that's funny. those were always my responses when my parents asked me what i did on a biblequiz trip. hahaha QUIT BEING MEAN TO YOUR CHILD! She's precious. :D

  2. Shes precious!!!! I just came across your blog, and its so cute! Im now following.......feel free to head over and check out my blog!!:)

  3. Hey I wanted to post a answer to you ? regarding a Wolf story...I am reading it to the boys and my 2nd is 9 and he is doing fine with is intense with action and suspense. It is a allegory using animals to describe the spiritual warfare between light and dark. It is full of meat and truth wrapped in a fictional story about forest animals. But the intensity is definitely there. So I say yes unless they scare easy:)

    Another good one is "Sign of the Beaver" and "The Bronze Bow" by: Elizabeth George Speare....

    Thanks for commenting on the post...believe me I understand the "heavy oppression" I am in it and trying to rise above it...So glad to reconnect with a kindred spirit:)