Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine Treats

Today the kids had their Valentine's Day parties at school so of course we had to do something special. I always like to find something unique for them to take instead of just buying a box of premade cards and being done with it. (Although I usually wish that's what I would have done when I'm finally finished!)

Last year we made these airplanes and they were so cute! (An idea from family fun)

Another year Julia made these flower valentine cards from family fun.

This year we made rice krispie treats that were wrapped like lollipops. It was a variation of an idea Lindsey posted about that I thought was way too cute to pass up.

We did big ones for all the teachers and staff and smaller ones for friends.

And since I didn't buy enough marshmallows (oops!) we did bags of hershey kisses with a Yoda tag for John David. He was totally impressed with my ability to make something Star Wars related on my own.

Of course there has to be a pretty basket to carry all of the treats to school.

Where do you find ideas for Valentine treats? Any great websites?

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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