Friday, February 05, 2010

You Know How Some People Get New TVs Just In Time For the Superbowl?

We prefer to have little kids throw toys at ours and break it just in time.

In honor of Lost, that's one of the first scenes showing on our flatscreen in the basement. Our beautiful, six month old, biggest tv we've ever owned, watch it while sitting on our amazing Lazyboy leather reclining sofa we scored off of craigslist, want to grow up and marry it and have its babies kind of flatscreen.

The only other tv we have is an old 19" tv in our den that has constant rolling lines on it and every 6 or 7 seconds totally messes up. It's a sad little thing, really. I already had plans to replace it with a better tv I saw at Salvation Army the other day.

I feel sick about it. And I feel bad that I feel this bad, but other than our cars and our house, it's the nicest thing we own. I guess that'll teach us to own nice things!

I guess I'm just very glad we decided to not host a superbowl party.......


  1. Whew. That had to hurt. I know how I felt the other day when the kids ruined 5 of my nice big candles. Of course this doesn't hold a candle(haha) to that.

  2. Man, tears are stinging my eyes as I write this--LOST is in HD this season! Man. I'm not being sarcastic about the tears. LOST in HD is serious business. So sorry, Lori! Maybe you should come to Texas and watch it on my TV ;)