Monday, February 15, 2010

I am REALLY wanting these beds!

These vintage twin beds are on craigslist in my area for only $79. I want them SO bad for the girls' room! (Not the bedspreads, just the head and foot boards.) How adorable would those look painted, or not, and in a girlified room??? And $79??? Wow!
Why am I not getting them? Too many other things going on, the girls have nice bunkbeds already, these beds would take up more room, and $79 is still $79.
I dreamed about them though......


  1. are you serious?? i love these! the fact that you found TWO matching that BOTH have footboards........i hear you though on finding the balance b/w reallllly wanting something and needing.

    a thought...could you sell the bunks for more or the same than you would pay for these?? :) just sayin....trying to help find your balance :) :)

    thanks for stopping by today!

  2. We know those are really for you and John. I mean, you haven't had a baby in a few years now. (Totally kidding!!)

  3. You've won the Honest Scrap award over on my blog! Go check it out and then follow the directions to pass it along!

  4. Lori I am so glad to find you! We truly are like-minded...or so it looks like:) Your family is gorgeous!
    and you are stunning as always:)
    I am looking forward to keeping up with you.