Wednesday, February 24, 2010

This Week

I've got to make this quick - Team Umizoomi is almost over and the munchkins are about to be running wild! (What? You haven't heard of Team Umizoomi? Turn your tv to Nick Jr. and get ready to do a CA-RAAAAA-ZY shake!)

I was given an honest scrap award earlier this week for my blog and, quite honestly, it froze me up! Ha! I haven't had the time to compose the required post to receive it so my blog has just sat all forlorn this week. Maybe later today I'll have time? I don't know.

This week and last week both have been consumed with painting walls and furniture. With the exception of the wallpaper covered entry way (which isn't that bad really) and the laundry side of the basement (shudder), our whole house is finally painted! Oh, and also the top part of the staircase wall. I ran out of paint and I also have to figure out how to do my cutting in there anyway. I'm thinking I could duct tape my paint brush to the end of the broom and stand on the landing with a steady arm? Either that or I need a hover board like on Back to the Future.

(Update: the monkeys are both at the piano "practicing" the lesson books.)

My mailman informed me that spring is next week. But, uhm, excuse me? Maybe someone should pass that message along to all the snow in our yard. And the snowmen too, for they seem to be reproducing.

My 30th birthday is quickly approaching, and, like any normal freaked out 29 year old woman, I decided to board the excercise train. I'm ready to get off though! I had to laugh at myself when I was sweating like a monkey in a sauna 5 minutes into the workout. 10 minutes in and I couldn't breathe. 15 minutes in I was laying on the floor in a fetal position, crying. That's when the fitness trainer, Shaun T, said, "Alright, that's enough of the warm-up! Let's get moving!"

I haven't given up though. However, I do not expect to look like the people in the picture above anytime soon (or ever). That would be a nice birthday present though. I wonder how many kids any of those women have given birth to?

(Update: There's a cow shaped bug dome sitting on my living room shelf full of the grossest looking rollie pollie bugs ever. Julia claimed them as her pets and gave them all names - Kylie, Rebecca, Elizabeth, etc. She feeds and waters them daily. I'm pretty sure they're looking at me.)

My dvr messed up last night and only recorded part of American Idol. Boo. Does anyone know where you can watch the show in full online? I can only find highlights and I want the whole thing! Mr. DVR did record Lost so the night wasn't a total bust.

I better sign off and go run my errands. The groceries are dwindling down and Walmart is calling my name. Besides, Team Umizoomi is over......


  1. Team Umizoomi is a wonderful show. SUPER SHAPES! haha Ellie, Grayson and I watch it quite often.

  2. I can SO relate to the workout (warmup) torture! Keep it up, girl, and those girls in the picture will only WISH they were as beautiful and blessed as you already are!