Friday, February 05, 2010

Just Being Honest

I quit drinking Dr. Pepper cold turkey a little over 4 weeks ago.
It was really hard at first. Really hard. But I did it.
Lately I haven't even missed it for the most part. Every once in awhile I would have a very strong craving for a big DP though. Like the kind of craving that literally leaves me drooling. Not pretty, I tell you.
Today I took the babies to Chick Fil A for lunch and play time in the middle of errands (okay, not "errands" - more like a day of thrifting. Woohoo!). We had the calendar coupon for a free large drink and my Dr Pepper craving was definitely there.
I thought about it and changed my mind a number of times, but as you can tell from the picture above, I got my Dr Pepper.
And you know what? I'm so glad I did! I realized that I don't even like it that much any more! I'm pretty sure that my cravings won't be a problem either.
(In case you didn't see my tweet or facebook status a few weeks ago, you should know that I lost 5 pounds after one week of not drinking sweet tea and Dr Pepper.)

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  1. and this is why I drink Diet Dr. Pepper ;) Love your blog. Thanks for visiting mine as well!