Friday, April 09, 2010

My Favorite New Corner

I have a new favorite little place in our front living room.

It started when I got an entry table with some of my birthday money. That meant the dresser that I had in the entry way had no place to go. It finally occurred to me that I just needed to rearrange a little.

Here's the dresser where my desk used to be.

I love having my desk in front of the window! (This desk, by the way, was left here in our basement by the previous owners. It wasn't in good condition. I painted it and put new knobs on it last summer.)

The kids' table and chairs are in the corner.

Only one window has curtains in this room so far, but this is what they will all look like. I made them with burlap and love them!

Here's a before picture of the dresser. Not the worst thing ever, but it needed some love.

I sprayed an old thrift store frame an ivory color and then hung a vintage plate inside.

On top of the dresser is John's grandfather's old tool box. I love this thing and the sentimental value it has! I left the paint exactly how it was.

I bought four little clay pots at Walmart and painted a limestone and water mixture on them to age them. Then I planted english ivy in them. Look at the handle on the tool box - isn't it great?

The dresser is great for storing our movies.

I love my new area. And all it took was some rearranging, some spray painting, and some little pots and ivy from Walmart.


  1. i adore that toolbox. and the dresser. and the desk. you're so good!