Monday, April 19, 2010

Princess Milkshake Day

Saturday was a special day at Chickfila. I couldn't leave the boys with daddy and I knew John David would not think it was cool to go a princess event so we had to surprise him. I parked right by the sign and turned, waiting for him to see it.

This was his face when he saw the sign and figured out why the girls were wearing princess dresses. Mawahahahahaha! I'm such a mean mom!

Julia happily ate all her food so she could have a milkshake.

The girls both loved decorating their own princess crowns.

Joshua didn't really care one way or the other about princesses. He just wanted some "i-cream".

(John David did forgive me when he was given a milkshake too, even though he wasn't wearing princess attire. And I'm pretty sure he didn't really mind all the princesses who chased him around the play area either.)

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