Monday, April 26, 2010

They're in Cahoots!

Aulora recently clogged our bathroom sink drain with toilet paper. (Just suffice it to say that she has since been banned from wiping her own bottom after going big potty, which in turn means I spend half of my days cleaning baby bottoms. I suppose it's better than spending half my days unclogging toilets and sinks though.)

Anyway, the sink is very, very clogged. We have told all the kids it's off limits and we've just been using the other bathroom until we can have a plumber fix it (or until John finishes school and is able to figure it out - I'm not holding my breath).

This afternoon I kept hearing water running. I checked outside and inside before realizing that Joshua was not where I thought he was and the water sound was coming from the bathroom with the off limits sink. The door was closed (not a good sign!) and when I opened it I found him on the stool in front of the sink splishing and splashing, having the time of his life. He was soaking wet as was the bathroom since the water couldn't drain out of the sink and it was just flowing onto the floor.

Moments like these make me wish I carried my camera around my neck. A picture would have been so great.

( know what? I still haven't even cleaned it up. I wonder if it will just all dry up on it's own before Daddy goes in for a shower in the morning?)

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  1. In case you didn't know... you can use a toilet plunger on a sink that is clogged. Just get a few inches of water in the sink, do short, lighter pumps and listen to make sure you don't burst anything. It's worth a shot before you pay a plumber to come in. He'll probably try that first anyhow, since it's the easiest solution.