Monday, September 13, 2010

First Day of School Pictures

First Day in 2006
John David Starts Kindergarten and Julia Stays Home

First Day of School 2007
John David Starts First Grade

First Day of School 2008
John David Starts Second Grade

First Day of School 2009
John David Starts Third Grade and Julia Starts Kindergarten

First Day of School 2010
John David Starts Fourth Grade and Julia Starts First Grade
(Can you see that John David is getting older and not appreciating this picture tradition so much? That and the fact that it was a rainy morning did not lend itself to any pretty pictures.)
First Day of School 2010
Aulora Starts Preschool
(picture taken after school hence the messy hair!)

I really love the first day of school pictures. You would think that my love for them would cause me to take some nicer shots. Something about not being late that first day, I guess.

Here's to getting back to blogging again.....

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