Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Slowly Going Insane

Over a week ago I noticed something above my eyebrow. John insisted it was a pimple. I argued it was a bug bite.

Days passed. It grew.

And it itched.

And throbbed.

It was obviously not a pimple. And maybe or maybe not a bug bite.

The red bump turned black and blue. I couldn't decide which was worse - going around with what looked like a horrific pimple or putting a Dora the Explorer band-aid on it. In the end I settled on a butterfly type bandage which then looked like I was married to a wife beater.

Over the last couple of days the itching and stinging and throbbing has spread back to my temple and straight back through my scalp. It hasn't visibly spread, but I can feel it.

I'm creeped out. But mostly, I'm going insane because of how it feels! John says I need to go have it checked out. I say I don't want to because I have no insurance. I'm pretty sure my tortured head will have the final say though.


  1. please please go to the Dr. My Daughter had that happen on her forehead and it was serious so go go go !

  2. Yes! Go to the doctor immediately - lots of nasty stuff going around and very serious stuff. Our son had a serious problem - he thought it was a pimple....get it checked ASAP.

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  4. Lori, Tell me you have an appointment first thing in the morning! Do I need to drive up there and take you myself? Go, use wisdom darlin!