Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Slowly Going Insane Part 2

All of the comments on here and facebook combined with the increasing burning and itchiness prompted me to go to a walk in clinic today. I went prepared to entertain the little ones for a few hours while we waited (which is normally the case with these clinics). We had books and toys and snacks and lots of hand sanitizer.

Lucky for us there was hardly a wait at all and I was told soon enough that the problem is a very infected bug bite. (Of course, the doctor had much fancier sounding names for it.) So now I have an antibiotic to take as well as a medication to help with the itching. It's basically a sedative used to relax a patient before a procedure. (I'm fairly certain I will hold onto a few of those little pills to relax me before my next Walmart trip.)

I'm told these kind of things can take a while to heal so it looks like I need to buy some band aids to cover up the ugliness. I'm wondering if they make Josh Groban band aids???


  1. I am glad to hear the outcome, and LOL about the pills for Walmart

  2. La, Thank you for going and getting this checked out. I am thankful it was nothing more than an infected bug bite! Maybe I too need some of those Walmart pills. I hate shopping anyway so you can imagine the anxiety when I drive onto the Walmart parking lot! Love you much, darlin <3