Monday, November 05, 2012

Aulora Lost Her First Tooth

This picture was actually taken right before the tooth came out. Daddy was trying to pull it since it was so loose. He could never get it though. Aulora came upstairs and I couldn't stand it anymore - I thought she might lose it during the night and swallow it! I yanked that little guy right out. 

She was very excited! Of course, the tooth fairy visited that night. The girls decided that they didn't want the tooth to get lost in the bed though. Instead, they put it on a pillow in a little doll house bed right by the door to their room. The wanted me to tell the tooth fairy that's where it was. They don't really believe in the tooth fairy, but I told them that the fairy wouldn't come if they didn't "believe" in her. So they play along and humor me. 

And that's why even our 12 year old son still "believes" in the tooth fairy! Ha!

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