Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bible Quiz 2012 - League 1 and Gold Cup

John's David's Bible Quiz team at the Gold Cup Tournament at our home church in Cedar Hill, Texas.
John David, Jacob, Mitt are in the front.
Behind them are Nate (one of our former students/quizzers! who came to visit for the day),
John, and another quizzer, Jacob.
In the back are Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Cali (and Baby Audrey still in the oven!). They live there so they came to watch John David quiz and we got to hang out with them. We love them so much!

Daddy gives the boy some quizzing advice.

John David's teammate, Jacob, was the individual high point quizzer for the day.
That was quite an achievement!

The first league meet. The kids helped themselves to donuts.
Yea for brainfood! =)

Talking to girls - eek!

John David with "Uncle" Paul, John's own coach from when he quizzed
(and now best friend!). 

Jacob, Mitt, Jacob, John David

Time out

Hanging out after the matches

An opposing team. We took this picture so we could print it out and put it on our quizzers' walls
for motivation to study and beat them! Ha!

A nice, normal picture of the John David's team plus our church's other team too.
(Abigail, Sarah, and Emmanuel. )

A crazy picture!

And some more crazy!
Nate (AKA Niller Miller) and John. We love this guy.
Ladies, he's awesome and he's available. Call us.

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