Saturday, November 03, 2012

Aulora's 6th Birthday

We celebrated at home and then later at a Bounce House place in town. 
Dinner was spaghetti - Boo's favorite!

A yummy cake made by Gran

Mommy with the girls and cousin Natalia

Aulora hugs Holly,  Uncle Zach's girlfriend. 
She scored big points when she gave Aulora the new Barbie movie!

Aunt Sanja, Uncle Danny, and Natalia gave Aulora an Easy-Bake Oven kit. Oh boy, the time for gift revenge is coming soon, Sanja. Make-up kit? Drum set? Slime machine? I can't decide yet. =)

Birthday spankings!

We had a Lalaloopsy birthday party. Even Aulora's dress was handmade by a lady on Etsy. 
Thank you, Gran for buying it for her!

Even D and Daddy got in on the bouncing!

Lots of yummy, beautiful cupcakes that were made by Gran. 

Faces were red after all that jumping.

This is the face she makes when she gets something like candy. 
It means, "It's mine! Don't even try to get it!" =)

Some close family friends even make her a Lalaloopsy story book for her. So sweet!

Julia and Aulora. Sweet sisters!

Gran and the birthday girl

D and the birthday girl

Happy Birthday, Boo!

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