Saturday, November 10, 2012

John David's 12th Birthday

I only captured a few pictures from this big guy's special day. His birthday fell on the same weekend as a big Bible Quiz trip and then church and a huge Fall Festival. He celebrated with friends the weekend before, but since he didn't want me to come along, ("I just want it to be guy time.") I have no pictures from their testosterone filled evening!

John took John David and two of his friends (Ryan and Reid) to play laser tag and eat ice cream. It was super easy to plan and afterwards John David told me it was the best birthday party ever! Sweet. Let's put it on the calendar for next year and do it all again!

The official ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins that he wanted.
We ate this after coming home from the Fall Festival.

We're running out of room for candles.
No more birthdays!!!

The birthday spanking tradition lives on!

John's Dad, D, got in on the action too.

Even I got to get in a good one to grow on. =)
We love you so much, John David. 
You made us a mommy and daddy all those years ago. 
Thanks for giving us so many good stories we'll be able to tell 
one day while we're rocking away in our rockers. 

You are turning out to be one fine young man, and even though we'd like to take all the credit, we thank Jesus for you. What an awesome responsibility to raise a leader in the making! 

YOU are amazing. What other 12 year old loves his brothers and sisters as much as you do? What other boy spends a couple hours a day memorizing and studying God's Word? You can quote 14 chapters from the book of Matthew now. Wow! 

We love to watch you sword fight and wrestle, and I'm confident that eventually you'll have all the ninja skills you ever wanted. You are (still) a Lego master. We went to Lego Land in Dallas a few days ago and the bitterness of growing up was realized when you were denied go karts and play area. We TOLD you not to grow up. You should have listened to us!

You devour (hey, it's a vocab word!) history books and currently The Hobbit as well.  Nothing makes you happy like a good back scratch or head scratch, except maybe Starbucks. Grande Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino with chocolate sauce and whipped cream on top to be exact. 


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