Saturday, November 10, 2012

John David's 12th Birthday - A Special Note from Dodie and GranMamma

"We're scratching our heads too, trying to wrap our minds around how quickly the last 12 years have passed. Today, 12 years ago, we welcomed John David Sullivan, our most favorite first grandchild, king of all Lego lords, mastermind of Zelda, leader of not only the neighborhood posse (yes, we actually watched him lead the kids in a parade down the sidewalks in South Bend), but leader of the Sulliv
an monkeys - his sisters and brother. He has a great mind and a cute and quirky personality. We're proud of his effort in BQ; he's memorized 12 chapters of Matthew to date and can quote them all in about 30 minutes! We love him dearly and look forward to see how God uses all his giftings. Proudly signed, his GranMama and Dodie."
(Taken from Facebook)

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