Friday, June 15, 2007

The Bird

So last night, I'm walking through the living room when I hear a strange sound. The kids were in a different room so I knew it wasn't them. I followed the sound to the fireplace. And there it was, looking at me. A freaky looking little bird! He was frantically flapping his wings against the glass window and pecking his beak. He stopped long enough to stare into my eyes in a spooky kind of way. He had wild eyes.

I was taken back to the time when John and I were recently married and living in our apartment in the Dallas area. Saturday had finally arrived and we were getting to sleep a little longer than normal. It was heavenly until some birds just got too loud to ignore. John got up to see what the deal was and he realized that the sound was coming from inside our apartment somewhere. He walked around until he found the source of the noise. It was inside our water heater closet. He opened it (a big mistake) and when he did that scared little bird went flying out into our bedroom. I was screaming and John was running around in his underwear trying to shoo the bird out the window. In the meantime, that dumb bird must have cut itself because it was dripping blood all over our bedroom! And apparently when birds are scared, they can't contain themselves. They poop. It was lovely. So lovely....

So that is why, when my dad suggested I get a towel and open the fireplace slowly to get it out, I refused. I was not about to have a bleeding, pooping bird flying around my beautiful house. Forget it.

So we had a stare-down. Me and that bird. He was begging me to let him out. I was begging him to fly back from whence he came.

I won. The bird is gone. No blood. No poop. No running around in underwear shouting and waving my arms. Thank you, Jesus, that Your eye was on that sparrow......

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