Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Just a quick one.....

John left today for Mexico for a missions trip. I'll have the kids all to myself until Friday night. So far, so good. Everyone's still alive. No one is crying. Aulora is even taking a nap. It would only be better if I was taking a nap. I suppose I could but I might awake to the sound of my house crashing down around me. I would just look forward to an early bedtime but I don't think that will happen either. As luck would have it, I apparently have to pick someone up in Abilene. Oh, well. It's all good.....


  1. i have thoroughly enjoyed looking at you blog. i have created one of my own feel free to stop by anytime and leave a comment or two. mine is ksgreatadventures.blogspot.com

    have you ever thought about becoming a pro. photographer? you are so talented. your pictures are amazing. i would love for you to take some pictures of my girls and family sometime. your pictures are fabulous.