Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Extra Space Solution

We have four kids and even though we're lucky, no blessed, enough to have a four bedroom house, it can still be hard to find a place for everything. Seriously, where does all this stuff come from???

Up until a few months ago, we lived with my in-laws (bless their precious patient hearts!) for 14 months. Our oldest three kids shared one bedroom and space was most certainly an issue.

All three of them had to share one closet and one three drawer chest. That really cramped my shopping style! (Not really. Not a lot of money was the culprit there!) Anyway, the closet in their room didn't even have a double rod so Mommy had to come up with something.

So I went to Walmart. Did you know they make rods that hang down from your existing rod so that you'll have two? I was so excited to find this contraption and it only cost $10. (It's sold in the section with laundry stuff, rubbermaid tubs, and closet organizing things.)I bought two of them and even though they had to overlap a little bit due to the width of the closet, it still worked great!

The second thing I had to figure out was drawer space. I remembered that I had some extra rubbermaid tubs in the attic and they were a perfect fit under their bed. We put pajamas, underwear, pants, and shorts in our custom "pull-out drawers".

When we moved into our current house we bought the girls a new set of bunk beds. The bottom bed is high enough that I'm able to stack the "drawers" two high! They are perfect for clothes and toys both! For the toys we put lids on and usually pull one or two out for the day. We leave lids off of the clothes boxes just for convenience.

All I'm saying is that if I could fit three kids in one room (quite neatly I might add!), you can find room for your stuff too!

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  1. Oh I totally need this for my daughter's room! Thanks for the tip. :)


  2. Those are some great ideas. I bet you really enjoy your new house!

  3. you have great ideas now what do you do when you have teens that is my problem any ideas please share

  4. Alex and I discovered those very same clothes rods for our tiny closets at our new little house, too!!!! They are sooo great!!! We also use the under bed storage. We bought these little things to make our bed higher so that we could fit things under it. We actually got the tupperware containers with wheels on them... thanks for sharing though. I always love hearing new ideas to organize.

  5. Wonderful storage tips. I'm gonna look for those clothes rods next time I head to Walmart. TFS

  6. This has nothing to do with your post...

    But, your man rocked the house today!

    (that sounds corny, sorry)

    He did very well.