Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Perfect Snack Cup

My kids LOVE to eat. Eating is one of the only ways I can get them to actually stop talking for awhile. And eating is the perfect way to keep them entertained while I'm shopping (and distracted enough to not ask for every single thing they see!).

The older ones are good to go if I give them some snacks in a baggie or small cup, but give a baby a baggie or cup and the snack is for sure going all over the floor.

It's no wonder I am totally in love with Munchkin's snack cup. I paid around $6 for two of them at Walmart (I think that was the price - I've slept since then....not much, but enough to forget). This is one of the best baby things I've ever spent money on!

I just fill it with whatever snack I want and hand it over. The little monkey is happy, I can get stuff done, and the mess is very minimal if there's any at all. Even my 2 year old uses the cup sometimes. They are also perfect for the car. I'm telling you, these are great!

If you have kids and you don't have one of these, you need to go to the store NOW!

Now, if I could only figure out how to get some pancakes in that thing for me.....

Anyway, that's what I'm loving today. To see what some others are loving, go to the diaper diaries.......


  1. Can I purchase this at Target also? ;)

  2. very cool--i've been using something similar called a "snack trap" but they are more expensive. i didn't know these munchkin ones existed! you can not have too many of these.

  3. Great tip! My daughter has the irritating habit of picking up her bowl of Cheerios and flinging them onto the floor - this would surely help!

    By the way - love the pics of your kids in your header. They have beautiful eyes!!!

  4. I LOVE Munchkin!! I'll have to try these for my little kids!

  5. You are SOOOOO right--these are a MUST Have. Especially for the car!! The Gerber ones, not quite so helpful.

  6. just ordered some for Lila. hooray!

  7. Hi there. Thanks for stopping by. Mmm. Coconut pie? Yum. :) Have a great one!

  8. I agree, love those snack cups! The 9 month old I keep has those and they are the BEST!