Thursday, April 16, 2009

Rainy Day Dinner

I love soup. A lot.

But I am not a soup maker. Good soup seems difficult to make and it kind of eludes me (My MIL says making soup is not hard, but this is a woman who makes pies by the hundreds - literally. She can also make gravy. Therefore, her "not hard" conclusion isn't so believable after all.)

I did make some really good potato soup once, but I don't think it counts since I was trying to make mashed potatoes and I just forgot to drain the water. Do accidents count when cooking?

On to the point (yes, I have one).

As I scoured the kitchen to find something besides pork and beans to eat tonight (my 8 year old wouldn't have complained if we had beans, but my palette required something a little more sophisticated), I was discouraged by lacking ingredients right and left.

Then I saw the can of potato soup. And the box of cornbread.

I can make some mean cornbread - just ask the 8 year old.

I made that potato soup (not as good as my MIL's, but still good!) and whipped up the cornbread, and you know what? It was a really yummy rainy day dinner.

Maybe next time I'll attempt some soup from scratch. Maybe. Campbell's is pretty good, after all.....

Am I the only one intimidated by soup and chowder and bisque?

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  1. I too LOVE soup! Especially on a rainy day! I love making it. Your MIL is not's not difficult. And the more you do it, the better you'll get. And you'll change up your recipes so that you make them to your taste. It's really great.

    I've also got a GREAT gravy recipe for you. But it involves a LARGE amount of cooking of other things. Like a turkey.