Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Missing the Mischief?

Are you wondering yet why there have been no stories of messes and mischief in a few days? Well, it's because I shipped off the two main mischief makers to another state.

Seriously, I did.

Don't worry, I poked some nice breathing holes in their boxes though.

Hahahaha. I kid, I kid.

I really did send them to another state though. They are safe in the hands of their grandparents who are undoubtedly brimming with all kinds of fun stories by now.

So I've been on a vacation of sorts this week - that is if you call slave labor a vacation. I enjoy it though.

On Monday I cleaned out and organized (most of) the garage. Joshua woke up about 30 minutes too soon otherwise it would be completely done. I'm proud to say though that before it was hard to walk through it. Now, we can almost park two cars in it!

Yesterday I finished painting the patio door and the patio posts. I also did laundry and washed the car and went to Walmart.

Today I put up the new shade in the garage window (good grief, you should have seen what was their before. I'm pretty sure it had been there for at least 30 years.). I washed windows and I scraped off a tint that the previous owners had applied to one of our bedroom windows. I also put in some more of the vent registers.

I made two trips to the mall - one with John for him and one with John David. John got a Daniel Cremeux blazer/jacket regularly priced at $350 for......wait for it........$7.99! What kind of discount is that, all of you mathematicians?

Tonight I plan to reward myself by watching LOST and American Idol.

But no ice cream.

(Not because I'm good. Just because someone else - ahem, John - already ate it all up. He left a trail of drips all the way to the trash can in the process!)


  1. Your jacket purchase solidifies once more my stance on the value of clothing: There is none!!! I never, ever, ever, pay for things at regular price. Could you imagine paying $350 for that jacket and then bumping into that sale later? Vomit!

  2. So.. I NEED to know where you found that amazing sale!! You Lori, are my official hero of the day.

  3. The beloved jacket was from Dillards. They have closed their outlet stores and no longer have a place to send stuff so they just keep marking it down. =)