Thursday, June 04, 2009

16 Month Portraits of Joshua

Joshua and I went out today to get some pictures since all the other monkeys are with John's parents. (They're having a fabulous, fun filled, frog catching, pizza eating, movie going, zoo visiting, aquarium loving time from what I hear!)

First of all, I'm without my own computer and any editing software (boo) and second of all, my FAVORITE picture refuses to upload to blogger correctly. Maybe I will have better luck with it later.

I'm out of excuses now, so on to the pictures of the most handsome little man in all of WF!

Update: I just noticed the snotty nose in some of the pictures. Arggggghhhhh! They will have to be edited later. My apologies. =)

This next picture cracks me up. Let's just say that one side of our (Longhorn loving) family will love this shot, while the other (Aggie loving) side will despise it. I just think it's funny! He did it all on his own!


  1. What a little cutie! I think he looks more like John - what do you think?

  2. LaLa...I find myself with two available days and wondered about driving up to see you before you exit my life FOREVER in Indiana. What does Saturday and Sunday look like in your household???

    Love ya,

    PS Call me!!!!!!!!!!!!!