Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pictures of our New House

I just can't say how happy I am about our new house! Is it a dream in every possible way? No. But it is perfect for us and I'm so thankful for God's blessing every step of the way in getting it! 

The owners, who we got to visit with quite a bit, received multiple other offers - higher than our offer even! - and decided to sell the house to us. If we had taken our trip to Indiana when we originally planned to, this house wouldn't have been available. Any earlier and it wouldn't have been listed. Any later and it would have been sold. Everything lined up perfectly and there's no doubt in our minds who arranged all of it. =)

The house, ahem, our home has four bedrooms that are all upstairs along with two bathrooms. Downstairs has a half bath plus all the living areas. The basement is large and we will finish it out to make a family room, and an office area. A third of the basement will be left unfinished for the laundry area and storage. I'm excited about how we will make a long wall with two levels of hanging space for clothes! This was a must since the bedrooms all have pretty small closets. All in all we will have over 2500 square feet of finished living space. 

At the end of our street are two really nice parks, a big community swimming pool with slides and all, and even a small zoo! There's a farmer's market within walking distance too. It's just a really neat area and everyone we've talked to agrees. 

We're having fun thinking about paint colors and furniture arrangement, but we'll mostly concentrate on that once we're done here in Texas with everything. So on that note, I better get back to packing! =)


  1. it's beautiful! i am so thrilled everything is falling into place so perfectly!

  2. I love the hardwoods and the yard is wonderful. It has so much character. Down the street from so many wonderful things...fab.

  3. I am so excited for you! The house does look and sound perfect, and I can't wait to see how super amazing la will make it her own. Wow Indiana. Ive heard the summers are beautiful. Not to mention it is the setting for my favorite book series. Will you be living near to Bloomington? J/K.

  4. They sure do like pink don't they? Ha, but it is so big and roomy, I love it! The kids will definitely get some good use out of the cool climbing tree in the backyard.

  5. That yard is amazing! I'm so happy for you. The house is beautiful. Looks like we'll both be covered in paint for a while.

  6. yeah!! ur gonna love the "real grass" and ants that don't cause ur legs to fall off!! i'm so excited for u guys! we'll have to get together when ya'll get settled. we only live about 20 min away - depending on where u r in s.b....