Friday, June 12, 2009



That really sums up how I feel today. I find my eyes watering throughout the day just thinking about it. 

This morning I was out pretty early driving around for garage sales. (I haven't enjoyed this hobby in quite awhile! It was great and I think I may go back out tomorrow morning!) Everywhere I went there were for sale signs in yards. For sale by owner. For sale by a realtor. It's all the same and they were everywhere

In exactly two weeks our house had a contract on it. For a good price. The option period ended today and I stopped holding my breath. It's as good as done now. Blessed, I tell you. 

How silly of me to worry about things - all the millions of things that go along with moving far away - when every single time God works it out. 

Another reason I feel so blessed today is our roof. The roof we're going to have, anyway. 

We had to have the roof replaced in order for the contract on the house to go through. (VA loans require a good roof and apparently ours is not so great.) The only question was who was going to pay for the roof - us or our insurance. 

The adjuster came out this morning. I know the roof was old when we got the house so I could only hope that there was enough storm damage to justify totaling it. I wasn't very hopeful. 

That insurance adjuster was so nice though and he said he knew how hard it was when you're selling your house and he was going to go ahead and total it! The check they are sending us is more than enough to replace the roof and have money leftover. (Leftover money is a good thing right now - it's expensive to move!!!) 

I'm telling you - blessed! 


  1. God is good! I love it when people share stories like this. We gotta write it down to remember how good HE is! I am so glad everything worked out!!

  2. It is so amazing. That feeling. Just to know God has it, you, in his hand. Love it.