Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Boy's First Pimples

It seems our 8 year old is growing up even faster than I thought. (sniffle, sniffle) He has been proudly sporting his first pimples over the past couple of months. (Why in the world do I not have a picture of this???)

At first I thought it was just a flukey thing, but he's now had about 4 of them all together. He's not as fond of the idea now as he was at first. Even so, I still think he feels kind of cool and grown up. 
On one of my last trips to Walmart, I wandered up and down the face wash isle trying to figure out what to buy him. I've experienced many moments that have made me feel old, but never a moment like this one. I was picking out "acne wash" for my son! 

The good news is that his pimple friend is gone. 

I suppose a nightly armpit hair inspection will need to be added to the bedtime routine....

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  1. Zink tablets are very, very good for those "zits". One of our boys had a bad time with them, but I made him take a tablet every day and he has NO scars. Zink is very healing.