Thursday, May 17, 2007

Big Eyes

This past weekend, while John was gone and I had the kids all by myself, I suddenly realized we really needed some house rules. Of course, we have always taught our kids certain things, but we've never actually written them all down. A long Saturday spent being outnumbered 3 to 1 certainly motivated me though.

One of our rules is "No Calling Names". This isn't a serious problem since it's normally just silly, made-up names (like Julia-Gulia or foo-dog) when we're playing. But lately they get their little feelings hurt so I thought it best just to bann it altogether.

So yesterday when John David and Julia were eating dinner and acting like their normal silly selves, I heard Julia laughing real hard. John David came to the laundry room and told me Julia had just called him big eyes. Now it definitely wasn't a big deal, but I had made the rule so I needed to enforce it. I called Julia and told her to apologize. She said, "Ok." I could only laugh when she ran back to the dining room and in the sweetest voice imagineable said, "Sorry, Big Eyes."

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